Friday, May 1, 2009

A month of learning

April is gone... haven't post new entry for a month already... becos there are no interesting things happened around me and most of all... i am LAZY!!!!

May is here, it's a month of learning...

i have to start learning few things:

1) to be independent- "on my own" period started...
2) to keep my immunity system strong and healthy- cos u know... H1N1
甲型流感 is attacking human races... this stupid flu made me washed my hand almost 50 times a day...being stressed when ppl cough and sneezed around me..... and the worst thing is that this flu made me canceled a NYC trip... which is really sucks...
3) to accept a fact: that almost everybody beside me are going on a trip or planning a trip to somewhere outside canada! only ME staying in toronto and doing nothing but waiting for them to come back and talk about their traveling FUN... sigh.... I WANT A LONG VACATION TOO!!!!!!
4) to cook - first target: 數字排骨!
5) photography (every wednesday after work) - class start May 13th... hopefully it will be fun and i wont fall asleep... zZzzzz

looking forward to Sat., since i will be picking up an early b-day gift from my brother :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  1. You are not alone. In fact you are better off than me cuz I've never travel outside of Canada except for a 1 day trip to Buffalo like 7 years ago...haha so i must suck more XP

  2. o but glad u r posting again :)