Sunday, May 31, 2009

The David Duncan House

Yesterday, we went to a VERY FANCY fine dinning restaurant called The David Duncan House to celebrate a friend's birthday... hehehheh he's so lucky to have such a wonderful gf to plan a nice dinner and surprised for him~ :)

This restaurant was incredible, like i never been to any fine dinning like this... the exterior of the house is beautiful and the interior was like....WOW!! it's so glamorous!! above my head, it's the sparkling antique chandeliers hanging there and most of all, i m surrounding by the Art Nouveau interior design and decorations!!! (personally, i love everything about Art Nouveau, it's one of my favorite art period of all time!!!) i can't stop looking around and taking pictures... it was amazing... that's all i can say :D

the food was good but the price was........ quite EXPENSIVE though....

i love this restaurant and highly recommeded to go for a special occaions dinner with your love ones :)

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  1. This place is absolutely gorgeous! I've been there couple (many) years ago with my parents and their friends. Still remember the huge scallop that I ordered!! ^___^ forgot the price, cuz I didn't have to pay~