Thursday, May 28, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 IV

羅宋湯 + 西蘭花炒牛肉 + 臘腸炒椰菜

i made 羅宋湯 and 臘腸炒椰菜 this week cos i really missed my mom!! these soup and dish are always my favorite!! hun said the soup i made should drink it the day after i make it... taste much better~

i used half 椰菜 for the soup and half for the dish...i just found 1 臘腸 left in the fridge... haha should put more next time!

西蘭花炒牛肉 was surprising good! i bought a pack of good quality beef this time and made a special sauce to cook with it! (secret recipe ar!! *wink wink*) it was my first time to cook beef and actually turns out delicious~~ :P


  1. OMG IT WAS SO YUMMY...the best you've cooked yet! Thx for the yummy dinner :)

  2. 碟碟都有菜喎!very healthy!