Wednesday, April 30, 2008

little sunshine :)

i felt really stressful and frustrated about so many things recently... very tired, seriously need a vacation!!! :( but i guess i can't take any days off b4 the end of may... :(

the only thing that makes me truly happy and laugh is this little guy :)

when i saw him yesterday, i felt relieved, i love to see his innocent smile and listen to his laughter... i enjoy the time to play with him :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

A heart

i found a heart-shaped walnut today!! :D

Sunday, April 27, 2008


every time i stuck in traffic, i will be so frustrated and want to scream **HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO BE STUCK ON THIS STUPID ROAD?!?!?**...... i hate this feeling, i hate to be stuck in a situation for long time... but when i calm down and think, y would i waste more energy to be MAD and frustrated? y dont i be more patient, face the situation with a smile?

one day after work, i stucked on the road again, but i didn't get mad, i took a picture of the LONG LINE UP with my camera and i also had a smile on my face cos i was listening to ppl BS on 1430... :D

Traffic wont last forever... just depends on how do u like to handle it....

when i make a turn to my drive way, i saw a beautiful sky :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


謝謝你的細心 :) Thank you hunnie!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A pair for them, a pair for us

one day, i was browsing on the internet, saw a very nice design thermo glass, guess that would be a great gift... so i got 2 pairs :)

if you are interested, check the link below!

破財•五月- coming soon

time flies, almost passed 1/3 of 2008 and May will be an extremely busy month...

events and gatherings almost fall on every weekend in May!!

May 11 - Mother's day
May 18 - PJ's wedding
May 20 - Jack's birthday
May 24 - Gene and Ann's wedding

*red bomb*... nice...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


today, i browse around and found this interesting article... :)

成功的秘訣 - (星島) 04月 16日 星期三 06:30AM (綜合報道)



- that's right, my routine life: 8 hours of sleep (sometimes 9 to 10 hours, usually during weekends), 2 hours driving on the road ( if i dont stuck in traffic), 8 hours of work (actually 7, cos 1 hour lunch)... so the rest of the hours... i just watching tv, on the internet or on the phone... ummmm.... i should think of some better things to do.... :P


- i always feel so tired and lack of sleep... that's not good :( should get myself to do some excises!!


- learn more things!!! i m too lazy la.....


- very very true... have i tried my best to chase every chances?! :S


- confidence? i think i totally lack of it........ :(


- that's my biggest weakness... damn...


- i think my 適應力 is ok...

(乘風遊 劉創楚)


guess i still have a long long way until i reached the stage of success...... sigh.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I.D The Agyness Deyn Issue

today, i was listening to 五天精華遊, Gi talks about the I.D Magazine special issue of Agyness Deyn... this issue has 6 different covers and it's all about Agyness Deyn - a world top model from Britain... i dont know anything about her but after i listen to Gi and see the I.D site, i really want to get this issue... check out the link below to see the covers :)

she's just GORGEOUS!!

and also, check burberry the beat commercial by Agyness... i love it :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


this weekend, i planned to go shop for a curtain for my window, cos i really can't stand the light keep waking me up during weekends... so i decided to go to ikea...

personally i really love to go to ikea, however my bf hates it! but this weekend, he's the one who suggest to go ikea cos he knows i need a curtain... :) unfortunately, i didn't got my hands full as the slogan said... we didn't get any curtain cos i couldn't find any i like and hun said, maybe we should buy some fabric i like and we can make one together... that might be a good idea.. but when can i get this curtain finished?! at the end, i got myself some picture frames instead...

i like to take pictures and put into frames, cos it's one of the best way to keep happy memories... as the technology grow so fast, ppl come up with an idea of digital picture frame, and honestly i hate that idea so much... i think that's just a slide show gadget ...

i enjoy having the photos on my hands and put them into a frame or an album more than clicking some buttons and transfer all that into one plastic slide show device... i just couldn't get any warm feelings from that...

back home, i put one of my favorite picture into the frame, it's me and my beloved grandpa... he passed way almost 11 years ago and i still miss him so much... i m sure that picture still have our finger prints on it... haha.... see.... that's something digital frame can't keep :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

To all Simpsons Fans

I am a huge Simpsons fan, my brother and i grow up with this cartoon! :D today, he sent me this link and i m so excited! haha... wish i can visit the Krustyland!!!!

p.s. this is the Simpsons avatars of me and my hun :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


just want to share a very interesting design blog that i subscribed...

if u r a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, u will love to browse this site, they frequently update news and events that related to Wright...

it's a very decent and informative blog for ppl who interested in art and most of all interior and architecture design!

here's the link, take a look! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

thin ice

i was standing beside this pond and thought : when a person having an argument with someone, it's just like standing on thin ice... it's only depends on how long can the ice hold... and when it breaks... both of you will fall then freeze....
felt extremely terrible and hopeless :( y would i put myself on thin ice?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coffee Art
my cousin shared a clip with me today, i think it's very interesting... :P

take a look at these coffee art aka 咖啡拉花~! wish i can have a cup but not sure if i would drink it cos it's too LOVELY!! just wanna look at it :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

me & Fisherman's Friend...

we are best friends these days...*cough* *sniff*