Thursday, October 30, 2008


i need to put some snacks in my office, just in case 口痕 or hungry during afternoon-tea time... i used to have some cookies, chips or candies as snacks, but i found those made me gain more weight recently... plus the amount of sugar and fat, really making me feel so unhealthy... so after i finished all those junk food... i went to find something else, which i think it LOOKS healthier and TASTE great ....

小食---> PRETZELS!!!

the size of the bag was huge, so i need to put those pretzels into a box, it's easier for me to carry and store in my office... and now i m in love with this "healthy" snacks...
yummmm, i like the sea salt on it

while i was enjoying my favorite snack, i was reading the new Communication Arts Design Annual... my creative manager just gave me this afternoon!!! 新鮮滾熱辣~!!!!

i found an interesting design product in this annual, then i went google it... end up i ordered it online and i will give it to one of my best fd later~ hehe.... (u will find out what is that soon~!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How about you?

Today i browsed around at, i saw an interesting article, haha... just wanna share! check the list below, see how many have u done with ur bf :)

一定要跟男友一起做的 20件事

1、在大庭廣眾下來一個擁抱,或者一個KISS 。

2、兩個人在一張床上睡一晚,但除了抱抱、錫錫什麼都不做 。

- although my cooking skill sucks!

- i did~

- LOTS of time

- last time i back to hk

- yes, most of the chinese movies we rented

- speak in english more than chinese wor... haha

- first x'mas at blue mountain resort

- i set his voice as my alarm

- whenever we called each other......"hunnie~!"

- we did road trips, hopefully can visit other country later

- "sor gee" or "mon ding"

- we do have future plans...


- can't cross a street like this nowadays...

17、跟他去海邊,有生之年一定要跟他看一次日出日落 。
- only watch sunset, during last road trip to kingston (so....1/2)

18、沒事就對他撒嬌,等他受不了的時候就會反過來對你撒嬌 。

- no for this one.... i am not a forum vistor

20、讓他多睡一會,不嘈醒他,是為他著想,但如果睡覺的人是我,那我真的寧願他早點來嘈醒我 (愛情的力量,想不通……)。
- i agree


i did 18.5/20 for the past 1 year and 10 months! haha how about u??

p.s. hun, when u read this blog, asked me to translate for u~!

Monday, October 27, 2008

1st step: read the manual

this morning, i drove my mini to work for the very first time, plus it was raining... i thought i knew how to use a windshield wipers... ummmm... ok... how come it only have one speed... the rain was getting heavy... and i couldn't get them wipe in a faster speed! damn... i should have read through the manual last nite but i was too tired to do that....

tonite after dinner, i decided to go through the maunal.... (like at least find out how to adjust the windshield wipers' speed..... hehehhe)

first page.... nice greeting.... hummmmmm

while i was reading the owner's manual and i thought....

mini cooper such a small car, how can it has so much buttons and functions?!?!? omg.... i start to have an headache.... honestly i m not a "manual reader".... i hate to do that but... i need to do it for my car... i got to know how to use those BUTTONS and also set up all the functions~~!!!

another's an audio operating instructions...

btw, the manuals has a good layout and content's easy to read through and find the things i need... but still..... ummmmmmm sigh...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


after all the decision making, calculations, bargaining, research, saving, waiting and most of all...dreaming~~~ *夢中情車*, 終於面前...

this car means a lot to me, i always dream of touching and driving it and finally.... i got it~!


p.s. Need to say thousand thank you for a very important person, who supporting me and helping me out the whole time... i appreciated you be there with me all the way from the beginning to the day i got my car~ we will enjoy the mini cooper together and just wanna say:

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hey~ my good old buddy - 車車, for the past 9 years, you been to so many places and went through numerous memorable moments with me... you brought me to school, to work, to shop, to play and bring me back home everyday~!

i still have an old picture of you (it's 8-9 years ago, i guess...) on my desk~

車 車, thank you for everything, you gone through lots of laughter and tears with me... i wont forget about you!! you are the best...


Monday, October 20, 2008


today, my dad participate the Toronto Half Marathon as usual (he does that every year), this year the Marathon provided boxes of water for the runners to drink!

i never seen this before and i think it's a great idea to used recycle paper package instead of plastic bottles for water.... eco-awareness is very important!

and here is my dad's
Half Marathon Medal

Sunday, October 19, 2008


this saturday, i baked a peach yogurt cheese cake and hun cooked pasta for dinner :P

i prepared all the ingredients~ i haven't take any pictures during the whipping, mixing and blending...since i already 雞手鴨腳!! haha...

put into the oven... need to bake in 160c for 60mins ga..

the cake is raising~!

it's DONE~ and i needed to let it cool down, then put into the fridge for an hour or so...

Dinner time~

we bought a box of
Hamburger Helper and ground beef! hun cooked a nice dinner; and the pizza bought by my parents.... hehe a very simple but tasty dinner

then cheesecake for dessert~!

Friday, October 17, 2008


my grandma was cleaning up her home the other day, she found me an old caption maker, it's belongs to my grandpa~! it should be 20 something years ago... grandpa used to let me play with it, i didn't know how to spell any words at that time, cos i was only 4 or 5 years old... haha so i just embossed some meaningless words on the strip.... it was fun... :D

as i remember, my grandpa used that Dymo caption marker to make caption borders for his stamps albums... he likes to collect stamps, he loves to look and organize them everyday... he gave one or two stamp albums to me b4, but i forget where i put them or i throw them away by accident when my family moved to Toronto.... :( i m so regret that i didn't take good care of those albums... i wish i can have them back, cos i will treasure them... but too bad, i lost them forever :( i feel so sorry...

now i got my grandpa's caption maker, i will keep it and take good care of it...

this caption maker brought me back a lot of memories with my grandpa...

grandpa, i know how to spell now, so i just made a proper caption border for you.... i wish you can see it from heaven.....