Monday, November 24, 2008


Nov. 24. 2008

Can't believe you two already became parents

every single time when you hold her in your arms is the precious moment
you will never forget...


Friday, November 21, 2008


snow season is here.... again... sigh... so cold and the road condition is bad... i m sick of the traffic... however, i felt like i have less frustration on the road... hehe i guess i really enjoy the ride on my mini!

whenever it's below 3℃, there will be a snow caution symbol appears~ it tells me to beware of icy road~ i got this *温馨提示* every morning when i start the car these days...

Drive safe on snow days ar~!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


remember the other day when i was reading the Communication Arts Design Annual... i saw a very interesting print design piece and i end up order it online?

that's the design i was talking about...

i check my mail box today and it's finally here!! been waiting for almost week and a half for that!

that's a Tooth Fairy Official Certificate Package...

i m going to give it to my best friend's baby girl ~ so that she can "deposit" her tooth, collect and keep them in record! haha....

Tooth Fairy will come and give Valenica all the blessing!

the designer also gave me her lovely business card and a little note with her signature on it~

very neat... i love to support creative and thoughtful art and design productions!

p.s. i m glad the package come on time~ so i can put it together with the other gifts... hehe

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


ook some pictures during lunch time, when everyone away from their desk...

our design & program development office always has dim lighting... every one has their own desk light but i think the huge window already provide us enough light supply during day time la...

this is my little working corner...

and the most joyful time of the day was having my "lunchie phone call"

Sunday, November 2, 2008


this year, i didn't get a birthday cake for my mom, i made something else... it's one of her favorite dessert... it's cream puffs! haha it's the first time for me to make it... but i m glad my parents enjoy it so much~!

let me show you the steps la~

1. add milk, water, butter, sugar and salt, turn up the heat til it boiling...

2. add flour into the mixture, remove from heat and stir it til smooth

3. add two eggs into the warm mixture and start to blend it

4. when it cool down a bit more, add two more eggs in and blend

5. mix well and smooth

6. space the mixtures

7. put into oven, turn the heat to 200c and bake for 25 mins

8. they are raising

9. all golden brown (but only 3 of them in good shape) let them cool down

10. make a little hole on top and pump in whip cream and it's done!!

Happy Birthday to ar Ma!! Wish you good health!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


the week after i got the mini, the weather wasn't that good... it continuously rain and snow~ but i need to get my mini's window tint during weekend, so i decided to take my car for the first shower.... (yes,i know the window tint has nothing to do with the exterior, but still... hehe)

so hun and i drove our cars to get car wash on last friday - Halloween! this is the first bath i took with the car... i took some pictures with my phone~

i never see such colorful car soap

like those
neon signs.... haha

and next day... my mini finally got the window tinted!!!