Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Curtain

i want a curtain for so long... i finally got one....

now, i have a good sleep every night :) and during weekend, i will not wake up by the light in the early morning..... it's just great... hehe...zZZZzzz

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


the past weekend, i also watched 3 movies: Sex and the City, Juno and P.S. I Love You...

Sex and the City: i m a big fan of this series, i was so excited about their movie but unfortunately, i couldn't find anyone that would like to watch with me. one of my best fd Karen, she is a big fan like me but she's in HK.... so...

then, on my birthday, as i was in georgian bay, hun decided to bring me to a theater near our hotel, and watched this movie with me.... i really enjoy it and i m so glad that he willing to watch it with me while he was the only male in the theater :D hahahha....

after all these years, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha had all achieved something in their life.... career, relationship, marriage and kids..... and watching that movie making me feel like i was growing up with them, even though i still haven't reach 30s, but they kind of show me how should women live and enjoy their life (happily)... haha it's amazing... will there be Sex and the City 2 in the future?? btw, i was shocked that Samantha was turning 50s at the end of the movie.... holy

After we back to toronto, we had one day to rest b4 go back to work, hun and i rent two movies to watch that day, they are Juno and P.S. i Love you

Juno: i wanna watch that movie for a long time, until the dvd released... i finally get a chance to watch it, however, it didn't turn out to be as good as i thought, i like the movie's art direction cos it's very old school and i love it, but the story just make me feel like they turned a teenager's problem into a small and minor matter.... ummmm... i dont like the way to handle this... so, anyways, i think it's a good thing that i didn't watch it in theater :)

P.S. I Love You: i love this movie, after watching that, i felt warm and sweet even though i cried and cried.... haha a husband knew he will die soon and he set up a process for his wife to recover from the pain b4 he left..... how sweet is that!!! and also, the girl's families and fds just be there to help the process to be complete... i know the story is from a novel, i m sure if i read the book, everything will be more detail and touching... maybe i should buy that book and read it again some day :)

that's the movies i enjoy during my birthday weekend :)

Major birthday event - Road trip!!

June 6 was my birthday, me and hun went for a road trip to Georgian Bay, took us 2 hours or so to get there, it's a small but very peaceful town, two words to describe the residents there : Friendly and Relaxing :) the past weekend was nothing but Sunshine.... very hot!!!

we both had a great time... thank you hun, that was a memorable birthday :)

Monday, June 2, 2008


some article i read today, i think it's meaningful, just wanna share...

平常心地回味 【東方日報專訊】






我 們的生命入面,每天都會有不同的得,不同的失,得到固然開心,得唔到亦未至於要唔開心,媽媽口中的平常心就是這個意思了。一件事的得與失,只是一個結果, 唔重要,最重要的是享受過程,一件事,由開始到結尾唔會係一秒鐘的事,試諗吓,如果我哋很享受自己所作的一切,那麼結果根本唔重要。