Sunday, November 1, 2009



Becos of these clips, i start to fall in love with his music!

that show was 2 years ago... even though he lost in that talent show, but that didn't stop him to continue his dream... in fact, he earned a contract to became a SUPER STAR!! now he's the legend in Taiwan music industry... he's so deserved that...

this is one of my favorite song (Jam wrote that song during his first trip to Italy)~!!

i decided to get his albums over the weekend...

amazed by his voice and talent...his Live performance DVDs are AWESOME!!! omg... i wish i can go to Taiwan and see his Mr. Rock Concert LIVE on 12/26!!

I'm waiting for his 全新自選輯『LOVE Moments愛的時刻』to release!! MUST GET THAT!!!

for now... i just look at his new 新不了情 official MV~ (very touching~~~take a look!)