Sunday, May 31, 2009

The David Duncan House

Yesterday, we went to a VERY FANCY fine dinning restaurant called The David Duncan House to celebrate a friend's birthday... hehehheh he's so lucky to have such a wonderful gf to plan a nice dinner and surprised for him~ :)

This restaurant was incredible, like i never been to any fine dinning like this... the exterior of the house is beautiful and the interior was like....WOW!! it's so glamorous!! above my head, it's the sparkling antique chandeliers hanging there and most of all, i m surrounding by the Art Nouveau interior design and decorations!!! (personally, i love everything about Art Nouveau, it's one of my favorite art period of all time!!!) i can't stop looking around and taking pictures... it was amazing... that's all i can say :D

the food was good but the price was........ quite EXPENSIVE though....

i love this restaurant and highly recommeded to go for a special occaions dinner with your love ones :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 IV

羅宋湯 + 西蘭花炒牛肉 + 臘腸炒椰菜

i made 羅宋湯 and 臘腸炒椰菜 this week cos i really missed my mom!! these soup and dish are always my favorite!! hun said the soup i made should drink it the day after i make it... taste much better~

i used half 椰菜 for the soup and half for the dish...i just found 1 臘腸 left in the fridge... haha should put more next time!

西蘭花炒牛肉 was surprising good! i bought a pack of good quality beef this time and made a special sauce to cook with it! (secret recipe ar!! *wink wink*) it was my first time to cook beef and actually turns out delicious~~ :P

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Sat. me and hun went downtown, we walked from St. Lawrence Market to Harbor Front to King St. to Queen St. W... took some nice pictures with 單眼 and my legs were extremely sore after that...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 III

西洋菜肉碎湯 + 越式牛肉

got some simple recipes from hun's mom this week :) but i forgot to take the picture of 豆腐東菜湯:( that soup was good... :P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 II

This week, i made 苦瓜湯... hun's mom always made this soup at home... and i asked her for the recipe... it takes a lot of time to prepare ga...

clean the 苦瓜's seeds, seasoned ground pork and "fun see" mixture with salt, black pepper, a little sugar and soy sauce...
put the seasoned ground pork into the 苦瓜...
put them into boiled chicken stock and boil for 1 and a half hour... then add salt and sugar before serve...
done~! (put the soup over night and serve next day will taste better!)

p.s. must mix "fun see" with the pork cos if u just put ground pork in the middle, the meat will separate from the 苦瓜 after the soup boiled...

洋蔥雞翼 + 蒜蓉白菜

My Mom taught me to cook onion chicken wings~
:) the meal is better than last week la! hehe


today when i was listening to 叱o宅叱叱o宅, donald was talking about a show called 末日之後... i was very interested about that show and i try to google for more info... then i found out 末日之後 is actually a documentary movie called 人類消失後的世界 Life After People it's released back in 2008! then i found the DVD at

personally, i love to watch documentary about planets, about how the human race will disappear on earths- like the "the end of world" type movies are my favorite too~ i m very curious about how the earth being starts and ends... besides that, i believe UFO/aliens do exist.. and they will come to take over our planet someday... However, i guess human will destroy ourselves before the aliens come... cos human created virus... there's a scientific news suggested the swine flu might be created by us and a careless lab technician accidentally got it released from the lab... that's y the flu got spread all over the world... scary eh?? -

so here is the link of Life After People, there are 9 parts, take a look if u r interested too...

Monday, May 11, 2009


tonite, i have dinner by myself, i cooked - 香煎玉子豆腐, 午餐肉 and 芥蘭!!

simple but tasty dinner :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

laugh of the day

just received this little gift from my HK fd Bonnie~

i had so much fun looking through all those cards... haha totally creative with a sense of humor!!! :D which absolutely a keeper!

thank you for bringing me laughter :D

每星期~ 煮•食 I

this week, i tried to make 數字排骨!! when i looked at the recipe, sounds very easy to make, but...... hehe..... the presentation was OK but it doesn't taste right... too salty this time... :p

~數字排骨 recipe~

 肉排 2 磅 (可用雞翼)
 切成 5 公分長塊

 每一份調味品以1/2 cup 量杯為1 份
 1 份紹興

 2 份
 3 份糖
 4 份醬油 (生抽+老抽)
 5 份水

 1. 先將肉排出水,去血,去腥,洗淨後,再將所有調味料及肉排一起煮,煮沸後,轉小火再煮
約20 分。
 2. 待肉爛時,再開大火,將醬汁嬈成綢狀,注意要不時攪拌以免燒焦。
 3. 可先燙些青菜(如上海白菜,豆苖或菠菜)舖盤,再將肉排及汁淋在上方即可。

beside that, we also had 蒜蓉小唐菜 + 玉米紅蘿蔔雞湯, they taste very good though!!!

ok, next week will have another cooking challenge :) "sun fu lay la" hunnie...

* i really want to say: thank you for ur encouragement hun, whatever i cooked u always said: it's delicious! and tried to finished them all!