Thursday, May 14, 2009


today when i was listening to 叱o宅叱叱o宅, donald was talking about a show called 末日之後... i was very interested about that show and i try to google for more info... then i found out 末日之後 is actually a documentary movie called 人類消失後的世界 Life After People it's released back in 2008! then i found the DVD at

personally, i love to watch documentary about planets, about how the human race will disappear on earths- like the "the end of world" type movies are my favorite too~ i m very curious about how the earth being starts and ends... besides that, i believe UFO/aliens do exist.. and they will come to take over our planet someday... However, i guess human will destroy ourselves before the aliens come... cos human created virus... there's a scientific news suggested the swine flu might be created by us and a careless lab technician accidentally got it released from the lab... that's y the flu got spread all over the world... scary eh?? -

so here is the link of Life After People, there are 9 parts, take a look if u r interested too...

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