Wednesday, May 6, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 I

this week, i tried to make 數字排骨!! when i looked at the recipe, sounds very easy to make, but...... hehe..... the presentation was OK but it doesn't taste right... too salty this time... :p

~數字排骨 recipe~

 肉排 2 磅 (可用雞翼)
 切成 5 公分長塊

 每一份調味品以1/2 cup 量杯為1 份
 1 份紹興

 2 份
 3 份糖
 4 份醬油 (生抽+老抽)
 5 份水

 1. 先將肉排出水,去血,去腥,洗淨後,再將所有調味料及肉排一起煮,煮沸後,轉小火再煮
約20 分。
 2. 待肉爛時,再開大火,將醬汁嬈成綢狀,注意要不時攪拌以免燒焦。
 3. 可先燙些青菜(如上海白菜,豆苖或菠菜)舖盤,再將肉排及汁淋在上方即可。

beside that, we also had 蒜蓉小唐菜 + 玉米紅蘿蔔雞湯, they taste very good though!!!

ok, next week will have another cooking challenge :) "sun fu lay la" hunnie...

* i really want to say: thank you for ur encouragement hun, whatever i cooked u always said: it's delicious! and tried to finished them all!

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