Sunday, November 2, 2008


this year, i didn't get a birthday cake for my mom, i made something else... it's one of her favorite dessert... it's cream puffs! haha it's the first time for me to make it... but i m glad my parents enjoy it so much~!

let me show you the steps la~

1. add milk, water, butter, sugar and salt, turn up the heat til it boiling...

2. add flour into the mixture, remove from heat and stir it til smooth

3. add two eggs into the warm mixture and start to blend it

4. when it cool down a bit more, add two more eggs in and blend

5. mix well and smooth

6. space the mixtures

7. put into oven, turn the heat to 200c and bake for 25 mins

8. they are raising

9. all golden brown (but only 3 of them in good shape) let them cool down

10. make a little hole on top and pump in whip cream and it's done!!

Happy Birthday to ar Ma!! Wish you good health!!

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