Wednesday, November 12, 2008


remember the other day when i was reading the Communication Arts Design Annual... i saw a very interesting print design piece and i end up order it online?

that's the design i was talking about...

i check my mail box today and it's finally here!! been waiting for almost week and a half for that!

that's a Tooth Fairy Official Certificate Package...

i m going to give it to my best friend's baby girl ~ so that she can "deposit" her tooth, collect and keep them in record! haha....

Tooth Fairy will come and give Valenica all the blessing!

the designer also gave me her lovely business card and a little note with her signature on it~

very neat... i love to support creative and thoughtful art and design productions!

p.s. i m glad the package come on time~ so i can put it together with the other gifts... hehe

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