Friday, October 17, 2008


Recently there is a special program on 903, it's called 永恆的愛陳百強.

They have interviews with some hk celebrities who are friends or fans of Danny, they talked about all the memories that Danny had given them. They played a lot of Danny's old songs like 眼淚為你流, 幾分鍾的約會, 有了你, 深愛著你, 當我想起你, etc , the melody and lyrics are touching.

Even Danny already passed away for many years but his spirits still here with us... i think he's just classic and i feel a bit regret that i was too young to know and to admire this legendary singer...

i would like to purchase his old albums and listen to his good old songs :)

for this First Love album, i think i saw the real one in a HK music exhibit last year... my brother took a picture of it, maybe i should try to find that picture from my photo album :P

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