Thursday, October 30, 2008


i need to put some snacks in my office, just in case 口痕 or hungry during afternoon-tea time... i used to have some cookies, chips or candies as snacks, but i found those made me gain more weight recently... plus the amount of sugar and fat, really making me feel so unhealthy... so after i finished all those junk food... i went to find something else, which i think it LOOKS healthier and TASTE great ....

小食---> PRETZELS!!!

the size of the bag was huge, so i need to put those pretzels into a box, it's easier for me to carry and store in my office... and now i m in love with this "healthy" snacks...
yummmm, i like the sea salt on it

while i was enjoying my favorite snack, i was reading the new Communication Arts Design Annual... my creative manager just gave me this afternoon!!! 新鮮滾熱辣~!!!!

i found an interesting design product in this annual, then i went google it... end up i ordered it online and i will give it to one of my best fd later~ hehe.... (u will find out what is that soon~!)

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