Sunday, April 27, 2008


every time i stuck in traffic, i will be so frustrated and want to scream **HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO BE STUCK ON THIS STUPID ROAD?!?!?**...... i hate this feeling, i hate to be stuck in a situation for long time... but when i calm down and think, y would i waste more energy to be MAD and frustrated? y dont i be more patient, face the situation with a smile?

one day after work, i stucked on the road again, but i didn't get mad, i took a picture of the LONG LINE UP with my camera and i also had a smile on my face cos i was listening to ppl BS on 1430... :D

Traffic wont last forever... just depends on how do u like to handle it....

when i make a turn to my drive way, i saw a beautiful sky :)

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