Sunday, June 7, 2009

生日慶祝活動 V

the next day, we went to the Toronto Zoo~ it was way exciting than i thought!! i touched the stingray, they are so gentle and friendly! they look like flying with their wings~~~$3 for the stingray bay admission, absolutely worth it for such a memorable experience!

the jelly fish was so beautiful~ it kind of reflecting the light when i m taking the pictures...

this little chipmunk was following us!! :D so cute!

i never see a REAL Giraffe b4, totally amazing...

she was my favorite animal in the Zoo... omg.... i miss her!! i dont know how to explain but
when i m looking at her, she gave me an emotive feeling ... kind of sentimental...

the last time i went to a zoo, i guess it was back in my childhood... the zoo in HK was way smaller than this one...

finally we spent almost 7 hours to see all the pavilions and indoor exhibits in the zoo... yes, i was extremely tired but i did have a lot of fun to see all the beautiful creatures around the world with rosa and hun~

今年生日, 眼界開了~~~


  1. I've only been to Toronto Zoo once... which was back in Grade 9!!

    Maybe I should go back again!!

  2. it's way better than wonderland! haha...