Thursday, June 4, 2009

每星期~ 煮•食 V

椰子紅蘿蔔雞湯this week, my friend introduced T&T's "soup pack" for me, there are many kind of soup for me to choose, and i decided to try the 椰子紅蘿蔔雞湯~ it tastes really good!! :P but next time i really have to beware of the Best Before Date on the package, cos when i back home with the soup pack, i found out it will expired next day~ but lucky the soup turned out ok!

黑椒雞柳炒甜豆 + 豆豉炒通菜

豆豉炒通菜 was one of hun's favorite :) hehe~~ and the 黑椒雞柳炒甜豆, i over cooked the beans, so they were not crunchy!! :( hun doesn't really like beans, but he loves the black pepper sauce and chicken though~

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