Wednesday, March 25, 2009


recently, a Chinese in Toronto got a 錯體鈔票; he said he found that bill while he's helping his daughter to unwrap the lucky money.... i just wondering, how can he notice that bill's "watermark" is wrong... he must be a VERY detail-oriented person.... or maybe he's just lucky... haha

on my way back home after work, i kind of having a similar experience... i noticed a 錯體車牌!!

i know the picture is kind of blurry but i did looked at the plate very carefully and i found the license number is embossed on an upside down plate!! see the crown icon is misplaced and "YOURS TO DISCOVER" phrase is upside down!! very werid :S

is that a fake license plate?? or it's just a 錯體?? or there's a new style for personalized plate??

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