Sunday, March 15, 2009


very warm and sunny today~ i hope the spring is truly here and summer comes asap!!!!

i mentioned i wanna wash my car, then when i woke up today, hun already brought my mini to have a car wash :) hehe...thanks hun

even though it washed but still have a lot of dotted dirt on the surface... b4 we were so worry, cos it's looks like rust... those dots appear to be orange rusty colour... but when i rub them with a wet cloth, it came off.... so i decided to get a buck of water and some clothes to rub those dirt off and help my mini to get a bit more shinny :) it's the first time for me to clean my mini with hands~ :)

after an hour of cleaning.... my arms are so tired.... but it's worth it~~ i m sure i will do more hand wash during summer time~

however, when i went online and see the weather forecast... they said the sunny day will only last til tuesday!?!??!?! omg... no..... :(

*end up, it didn't rain for the whole week~~ :D my mini still look shinny!!! yeah~~~ (monday, 03/23/09)*

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  1. if i stare really hard into the reflection of the mini's head light, i can see you :)