Monday, February 16, 2009


this Valentine's day, it's full of sweet surprises~

hun and i had a pre-Valentine's day dessert!

and i got a GREEN rose from you... haha never see that b4...

then on V-day morning, i have to prepare the soup and dessert for our v-day double date at Jack and Vicky's home! we cooked our own V-day Special Dinner~

Strawberry cream pudding

Cream of Pumpkin~

we had so much fun decorating the home

it was a GREAT DINNER~

Hun gave me the sweetest gifts this year...

a solid perfume ring~ so cute!!

another gift is a framed v-day card...

then hun asked me to open up the frame and get the card out~

when i open the card.. i saw the POP-UP!!!! it was SO AMAZING!!!! omg...

and i smile with my happy tears dropping down... that's a HUGE surprise~~

this lovely card created with a lot of effort... and it also cause a CUT on hun's thumb... and he said he cut 7 print out to get 1 perfect pop-up for me.... awwwww this card it's priceless~~!!!

Thanks for everything hun!! i had the best V-day ever!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

next day Feb.15~ celebrate hun's birthday... we had lunch together~

and then we celebrate hun's grandpa's 74th birthday at nite :)

the past weekend was so busy but we had so much fun~

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