Monday, January 12, 2009


宮崎駿崖の上のポニョthis song stuck in my head... "波兒波兒波兒波兒波兒波..."

i m a huge fan of 宮崎駿, me and my brother grow up with his animations... as i remember, we watched: <天空之城> , <龍貓> , <歲月的童話> , <魔女宅急便> , <再見螢火蟲> , <千與千尋> , <哈爾移動城堡>

this year, another 宮崎駿 animate movie came out, it's called <崖上的波兒>! i wish i m in HK, so i can watch it in the theater! i can only wait for it's DVD to release...

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