Friday, January 9, 2009


2009 is here... i wanna create a "to do list".... not necessary to be something huge... but i got to set some goals for myself to achieve...

these are the things come up in my mind at this moment...

1) improve my Mah jong attitude (牌品): after few years of practice, i still found myself having bad 牌品... how can i control myself from complaining, yelling at ppl and black face when i m losing?! i really need to figure that out...

2) apply for a part-time course: i wanna learn something, maybe photography or interior design or painting/drawing (hehe... i tried to study interior design few years ago, but i failed to complete the part time course... plus i wasted $1000 something....) i hope i can apply for some part time course during summer 2009

3) get some good quality clothings: dont waste money on "hi-bye" clothes (which means... doesnt last long... wear 1 or 2 times and dont even remember i bought it and one day found it at the bottom of my drawer)

4) let my hair grow longer: cos i wanna try to get them perm

5) try to call my grandma every nite: ummmm.... she said it's better than giving her a big present

6) organize my receipts and bills: keep track of my expenses... be organize...

7) wash my mini cooper: every 2 months (gas station carwash during winter time, hand wash it during summer)

8) keep excising: going to yoga class every weekend and play badminton with hun and fds!

9) learn how to cook: i need to get a little note book for the recipes from hun's mom... hehe

10) plan for a trip: hopefully i can do that with hun and fds...

that's all for now... i may add more later on.... hehe

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