Thursday, July 9, 2009


after this summer adventure in Bruce Peninsula... i truly started to LOVE the NATURE!! even though hiking was kind of tired and walking on the muddy trails messed up my converse (i need a pair of hiking shoes now!!)... but it was fun and excited~~~ after an exhausted walk and we can see a beautiful view... it's all worth it!!

The lake views was my favorite.... the crystal clear water just peaceful and refreshing... i would love to go back again... maybe wait til my brother comes back to Toronto, we can go there and walk the flowerpot island and Bruce Trail again!!!

Thanks hun for an awesome vacation... i had a lot of fun with you in the woods and beside the lakes... following the map and drive our mini to explore all the attractions, then taking beautiful pictures with our DSLR and tripod was so much fun, hahahha... it was a very special and memorable trip... thanks a lot... i love you!

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