Wednesday, December 3, 2008



when i got home after work, i saw the parcel sitting on the kitchen table!

i've been looking at this Canon powershot for a while! my fd has a pink one, i think it's a pretty neat camera... i did keep an eye on it's price for a while and told myself "if it drops to $150, i will buy it!".... and then a week ago, i finally saw a HUGE sale on this dc at , it really drop to
$149.99!!! haha.. so i decided to buy it, but this sales item only for web purchase... i couldn't do it at work, so hun help me to order it online!! hehe...

unfortunely, it almost took hun entire afternoon to do that order!! the futureshop site keep on having networking problems and he needs to call them again and again to fix the problems.... finally, they confirmed the order for us and gave us a free shipping.... so total comes to $169.49!! THANK YOU SO MUCH HUNNIE~ for spending so much time and energy to help me get this camera!!! muah!!

YEAH!! my new
BROWNIE~ heheheehe...

I gave my old Sony T7 to my parents~ finally we dont have to fight for camera! haha

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