Monday, September 15, 2008


i had a wonderful 中秋節 this year, cos....

me and hun had a GREAT *迎月晚餐* together... hehe "2 ppl hot pot" :P

while we were having the delicious dinner, we also enjoying........ 家好月圓~!

we had a very sweet and juicy 水晶梨 for dessert!


中秋節 Sunday, me and hun went downtown for a set of FREE Andy Warhol coasters! we need to search for a specific GUEST SERVICE counter @ the Bay, omg... took us almost half and hour to get there; and then the staff said those coasters are out of stock, BUT they gave us a set of Warhol plates instead!! haha EVEN BETTER!!! :D

5" Melamine Appetizer Plates......very neat~!!!

P.S. MANY THANKS to hunnie for running around with me for these plates! muah!

beside 中秋節, it's also little cute Raymie's 1st bday celebrations!!

haha... what a busy but amazing weekend! :)

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