Sunday, July 27, 2008


for the past few weeks, i've been reading all those cellphone reviews on different sites, doing all the research and most important....calculating my budget for a perfect new cellphone, and yesterday, i made a decision and i got it.... hehe

i can only describe my feeling towards this S500i with 4 words --- 愛不釋手 !!!!

i have to thank hun for walking back and forth with me and bargaining for my phone... i really appreciated... hehe muah >3<>The Dark Knight!! we didn't watch it last week cos we wanna avoid the crazy crowd and lineups, but unfortunately, yesterday was the same as last week!! it was packed!!! anyways, it was a brilliant movie and honestly i love Joker more than Batman.... Heath Ledger's performance was amazing and i just can't accept the fact that he passed away... sigh.... what a great actor...

by the way, which one is the true story behind Joker's scar??

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