Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter holiday, kind of busy... went to 2 birthday party/gathering and my cousin's pre-wedding celebration dinner which also known as "Grand Gift" nite..

i went to my cousin's home on sunday; i think i haven't visit their home for almost 2 years!! i was happy to see my cousin and the families, but most of all, i m so excited to see my little cutie fd 豆豆! i haven't see her for so long and she's so cute and hyper, she kept jumping around and try to get attentions from everyone!! i always want a pet, but my mom never let me to get one, since she thinks i will never have time to take care of it... just bring it back home, play with it for a while and then leave it alone.... haha... o well... :P anyways, i love 豆豆 so much, she's so adorable!!!

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